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Consulting ASSIGNMENTS at Strongim BISNIS

Please find below the consulting assignments currently available at Strongim Bisnis:

1) Agency Services Improvement Project: third party agents of utility providers, banks and telecommunication companies

Strongim Bisnis is seeking a consultant for up to a 12-month period. The role requires the consultant to, in collaboration with agents’ typical clients, such as the telcos, utility providers, licensed mobile money providers and commercial banks, to implement the Strongim Bisnis Agency Service Improvement Project. For further information, and to apply, please see the Terms of Reference - Agency Services Improvement Project.

Tendering organisations are to apply by submitting a proposal, not exceeding 10 pages, before the 11 June 2021.


2) Fertiliser Production and Marketing Specialist

Strongim Bisnis is seeking a consultant for 30 days between July 2021 and May 2022. The role requires the consultant to, build the capacity of our two fertiliser-producing partners, as well as ensuring barriers to production and marketing are pre-empted where possible. Giving the products the best chance of entering the domestic horticultural market, in a sustained way, is the overarching goal of this assignment.

For further information, and to apply, please see the Terms of Reference - Fertiliser Production and Marketing Specialist 2021.

Expression of interests should include a CV and a cover letter and should be sent to recruitment@strongimbisnis.com.sb no later than the 18th June 2021, with the subject title EOI Establishing a Prosperous Green Waste Value Chain. 

Job Vacancies at Strongim BISNIS

Working for Strongim Bisnis brings a rewarding career, offering responsibility, intellectual stimulation, variety and challenges. What we do matters and has an impact on communities and individuals. With the right staff, Strongim Bisnis is equipped to deliver real impact and measurable results. Below are our current vacancies:

1) Strongim Bisnis is seeking a Business Parternships Advisor for a full-time, fixed-term position.

The Business Partnerships Adviser will play a key role in the identification, design and management of interventions. These may be in partnership with a range of private and public actors to stimulate business growth and innovation. For further information, please click on our Terms of Reference.

Applications close on 11 June 2021 and must include an updated CV, a covering letter including the attached table, and any relevant supporting documents. Applications and enquiries can be sent to recruitment@strongimbisnis.com.sb



Partnering with Strongim Bisnis

Strongim Bisnis develops partnerships with private and public sector organisations that are strategically placed to fill market gaps, invest in local businesses, or bring innovative changes to the ways the industries operate. We work with partners in two main ways. By strengthening the partner which, in turn, helps all the other suppliers and buyers along a supply chain, or by working together on a problem or introducing a new service that will help everyone in the sector. Get in touch to find out more about partnership opportunities.

Tender Opportunities

Our tender opportunities span a range of sectors including coconut, cocoa, tourism, financial sector development and economic growth. See our current Requests for Tender, or get in touch for further information.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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