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Our Women's Economic Empowerment Program


Women have important roles across the whole value chain and produce positive, long-lasting economic results. However, in the Solomon Islands, women are vulnerable to many challenges and risks including: violence, sexual assault, black magic practices (vele), decision making rights, and access to finance.

Strongim Bisnis is committed to working with the public and private sectors to help strengthen Women’s Economic Empowerment through interventions that promote equal opportunities. Achieving greater gender equality, rarely happens in isolation and requires support through the broader enabling environment.

  • Mainstream women’s economic empowerment and youth inclusion into Strongim Bisnis activities in the coconut, cocoa and tourism sectors.

    Develop activities that target and address barriers relating to women and youth. Our objective is that at least 80% of all project activities demonstrate benefits for women and youth.

    Act on recommendations from our Gender Norms and Economic Opportunity study, such as engaging in activities targeting gender norms and women’s unpaid care burden.

    Act on recommendations from our Gender Norms and Economic Opportunity study, such as engaging in activities targeting gender norms and women’s unpaid care burden.

    Pilot solutions to address relating to women and youth and begin to scale-up successful models to create the right conditions for women to improve their access and control over productive resources.

  • The West AreÁre Rokotanikeni Association (WARA), a leading women’s savings organisation, has partnered with Strongim Bisnis to help grow rural women’s businesses and incomes.

    Strongim Bisnis and Oxfam in Solomon Islands published a joint study into the gender norms that impact the economic empowerment of women and young people in rural communities in the Solomon Islands. The report was launched by the Minister of Women Youth, Children and Family Affairs and civil society, government and private sector.

    Strongim Bisnis has brokered a partnership with WARA and SunPower, a local distributor of solar energy solutions, piloting the distribution of small-scale solar panels through women entrepreneurs in a network of saving clubs reaching around 3,000 women.

    Strongim Bisnis conducts awareness raising activities during key events such as International Women’s Day, International Rural Women’s Day and 16 days of activism, and engages in public dialogue with government, business and key development partners.

    Supporting DreamCast Theatre in awareness raising in two communities in Guadalcanal around Gender Based Violence through drama, music, quiz and games.

    Supporting the Consumers’ Empowerment Working Group at the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) in a study of sustainability of saving clubs.

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