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Our Waste Management Program


Strongim Bisnis is working on waste streams (initially within Guadalcanal, Central and Western provinces) with the objective of finding workable (potentially profitable) solutions for recycling and waste removal/disposal services. This is aimed at driving economic growth and creating private sector jobs. 

  • Waste services are largley limited to collections, mostly for Honiara with 42% to 60% of urban areas being regularly serviced, and a few other urban centres with some park and street cleaning.

    A full container load (FCL) of aluminium cans has an export value of up to USD $13,600 (USD 0.8 per kilo or approximately SBD 0.1 per kilo),5 while used lead acid batteries have a current export value of USD$550 per tonne (USD $11,000 per FCL).

    Targeting organic waste has a dual value in removing significant environmental impacts (green waste makes up 47% of collected household waste in Honiara).

  • Improve supply of recyclable materials through improving the value chain for aluminium, bottles and other materials by enabling/increasing recovery.

    Improve processing of recyclable materials through utility and equipment upgrades.

    Establish collection facilities.

  • Dramatic reduction in litter where targeted recyclables are collected.

    Very high recovery rates for aluminium cans, glass bottles and targeted plastics.

    Increased national export income from recovered aluminium cans.

    Employment generation with an emphasis on the informal sector.

    Community fundraising potential by local non-profit organizations who become collection points (waste banks).

    Reduction in the quantity of garbage (including green waste/market waste) requiring collection by local government.

    Reduction in the quantity of garbage requiring landfill (especially green waste/market waste), thus increasing the life of the landfill, and decreasing the landfill cost per year.

    Materials that are normally uneconomic to recover or recycle can be included as barriers are removed.

    Recycled materials flows become very consistent especially from outside of Honiara.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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