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Strongim Bisnis is supporting a campaign that encourages Solomon Islanders to buy Solomon Islands products over imported alternatives.

he message of the campaign is “Iumi Buy Lokol for Mekim Lokol Jobs”. The message highlights that when people buy Solomon Islands products, they support Solomon Islands businesses. These businesses often employ Solomon Islanders, making jobs that help Solomon Islanders support their families.

Australian High Commission Second Secretary Economic, Cass Grant said “The Australian Government works closely with the Solomon Islands Government to support its economic objectives. Increasing jobs and the success of local businesses can help to drive economic growth.”

The campaign showcases four products as examples of local products that people can buy. These products are: Kokonut Solomon Islands (formerly known as Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands) Virgin Coconut Oil, Cathliro Cocoa Powder, SolAgro Ngali Nuts and Frangipani Ice Cream. Whilst these products are examples, there are many other food products and non-food products that are made locally, such as soap and handicrafts.

People crowding around the 'Buy Lokol' stalls, which also sell Cathliro Cocoa Powder.

Company Director for SolAgro Ngali Nuts, Dr Shane Tutua said “Our ngali nut company pays farmers in Western Province, and gives jobs to people in Honiara who package and sell our nuts. We are proud to be a Solomon Islands company. We promote something special, because ngali nut only grows in a few countries. If you support our company, you support our country”.

The campaign has been running since late December 2019. Local supermarkets such as Bulkshop and Barak stock many of the local products and have joined in the campaign to support the Buy Local message.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government funded program that supports growth in the tourism, cocoa and coconut sectors with a strong focus on supporting women.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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