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Strongim Bisnis has led the first Solomon Islands Dive Operators Workshop in Honiara this week, resulting in the creation of the Dive Operators Solomon Islands (DOSI) group. DOSI will help businesses to speak with one voice to develop the dive sector. 

Dive tourism is a key attraction for international visitors to the Solomon Islands. With the theme “Embracing opportunities and moving forward together,” the Dive Operators Workshop brought together eight operators from three provinces to develop strategies to grow the dive market and strengthen customer experience and products. 

The workshop explored the key challenges facing dive tourism, such as high costs facing dive operators and low awareness of Solomon Islands as a diving destination. The session heard from dive operators that while many businesses are unable to overcome these obstacles working alone, improved coordination and collaboration would better position dive operators to take collective action. Collaboration could include lobbying for reforms and support from government and key stakeholders.

Strongim Bisnis will support dive operators and other key businesses in the dive tourism sector to take follow-up actions to strengthen the operating environment through a series of workshops. The workshops are part of the Australian Government’s broader support for tourism in Solomon Islands to stimulate the development of sustainable and demand-driven tourism. 

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