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Tour guide training to help draw more visitors to unique sites

The Western Province Tourism Association (WPTA) is working with Strongim Bisnis to upskill tourism providers to grow the local economy and provide a great experience for visitors.

More than 48 guides, dive and tour operators have received targeted tourism training in Munda, Gizo and Seghe. WPTA sought training that would bring fresh ideas, was practical and would improve tour guides’ skills and awareness around themes such as dress codes, safety and communicating effectively with groups.

Vanuatu-based trainer Hazel Kirkham said, “Tour guides are central to the success of tourism. They are the hosts, leaders, teachers and problem solvers.” “Western Province is an absolute jewel for tourism, but tourists need information and care. Tour guides can create a bridge between tourists and locals leading to memorable experiences and lasting relationships,” said Anthea Unusi, Strongim Bisnis adviser for the tourism sector.

Attractions in Western Province include remnants of World War II planes and weapons, historic sites of the War Canoe Era, and exquisite flora and fauna. Lagoons and reefs are ideal spots for scuba and leisure diving. The event was conducted in anticipation of Solomon Airlines’ plans for direct flights from Brisbane to Munda.

The first leg of the two-day course started at Agnes Gateway Hotel in Munda on May 24 after which it was repeated in Western Provincial capital Gizo on May 28 and Marovo Lagoon on May 30.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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