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High end cruise to attract families and holiday makers

Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises and Strongim Bisnis are partnering to boost cruise tourism in three provinces and provide opportunities for small enterprises along the route to flourish by selling artefacts, food, entertainment and tour guide services to cruise ship passengers.

Standup paddling in a lagoon in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises has developed a high end cruise experience, which will address a gap in the market for family travelers and holidaymakers. The seven-day cruise will depart from Honiara, making stops in Tulagi, Russel Islands of Central Province, and parts of the Western Province. Belinda Botha of Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises said the cruise experience will attract families and holiday-makers to explore the provinces with greater ease.

MV Taka, a high end cruise option in the Solomon Islands

“This discovery cruise will give tourists the full experience of Solomon Islands, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and embracing local cultures through village visits, music and entertainment.”

Strongim Bisnis will support Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises in marketing and promotion of its new tourism package over the next year. The partnership is part of Strongim Bisnis’s program to stimulate the development of sustainable and demand-driven tourism in Solomon Islands, increase visitor numbers and create more jobs and higher incomes for rural communities. Cass Grant of the Australian High Commission said Strongim Bisnis is supporting investment in Solomon Islands tourism.

Traditional panpipe performance in the Solomon Islands

“Strongim Bisnis partnerships aim to help grow tourism businesses and create jobs, and importantly, bring wider benefits to the economy, such as opportunities for local farmers to sell agricultural produce to visiting leisure boats.”

Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises will set sail in mid-August 2018, and plans to expand its itinerary to include other provinces over time. More information on Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises can be found at www.sidcruises.com.au

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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