• Strongim Bisnis in Solomon Islands

    Program Approach & Scope

What is Strongim Bisnis?

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government initiative working in partnership with the private sector and Solomon Islands Government to make a strong, positive and lasting impact through business growth.

Our aim is to increase earnings for households by supporting businesses to become more profitable and competitive, empowering women and young people, and bringing more economic opportunities for Solomon Islanders across the country.

Program Scope

How Strongim Bisnis Works

Strongim Bisnis works to increase incomes and create jobs for poor households in Solomon Islands by strengthening the underlying systems that drive sectors such as tourism, cocoa and coconut. Strategies for each sector we work in and the partnerships and activities that result from these are informed by our continuous assessment of these markets and gender analysis.

The Market Systems Development Approach

Strongim Bisnis uses a market systems development approach to address poverty through inclusive economic growth, the first program of its kind in Solomon Islands. This means we work with businesses and government to deal with barriers to growing businesses here and we take opportunities using innovative approaches and information to build new businesses, diversify existing ones, or scale up operations so that more people benefit.

Strongim Bisnis Activities and Partnerships

Strongim Bisnis develops partnerships with private and public sector organisations that are strategically placed to fill market gaps, invest in local businesses, or bring innovative changes to the ways the industries operate. We work with partners in two main ways. By strengthening the partner which, in turn, helps all the other suppliers and buyers along a supply chain, or by working together on a problem or introducing a new service that will help everyone in the sector.
Our partnerships help businesses grow, encourage innovation, and attract investment.


Strongim Bisnis works with investors to overcome challenges in the Solomon Islands’ operating environment by providing technical expertise, good quality information, doing research and sharing costs with partners. We can facilitate relationships with Solomon Islands agencies and key industry contacts to help business ventures succeed.

The Strongim Bisnis Team

Our team of business advisors are always seeking new opportunities and partners to collaborate with, to stimulate and grow the local economy.  Our business advisors are supported by a finance and administrative team, communications, and monitoring and results measurement functions.


CEO Phil Montgomery has had a long career in the Pacific and Asia in economic development, program management and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). 

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Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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