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Our Women's Economic Empowerment Program


Women have important roles across the whole value chain and produce positive, long-lasting economic results. However, in the Solomon Islands, women are vulnerable to many challenges and risks including: violence, sexual assault, black magic practices (vele), decision making rights, and access to finance.

Strongim Bisnis is committed to working with the public and private sectors to help strengthen Women’s Economic Empowerment through interventions that promote equal opportunities. Achieving greater gender equality, rarely happens in isolation and requires support through the broader enabling environment.

  • Work with the private sector, the government and civil society to promote a business environment that is more enabling for women to participate in economic activities.

    Improve women’s access to financial education and services, vocational and business training and to support higher value economic opportunities for women through dignified paid employment and entrepreneurship.

    Mainstream gender into Strongim Bisnis’s activities in cocoa, coconut and tourism.

    Develop activities explicitly benefiting women, to address specific gender gaps, for instance around access to financial services or access to technical training.

    Promote dialogue to realise greater gender equality addressing barriers arising from discriminatory social norms.

  • The West AreÁre Rokotanikeni Association (WARA), a leading women’s savings organisation, has partnered with Strongim Bisnis to help grow rural women’s businesses and incomes. The partnership will provide women with financial management training and expand WARA’s loan facility for women’s businesses and long-term investments. The loans will be guaranteed by member savings.

    Strongim Bisnis and Oxfam in Solomon Islands have launched a joint study into the gender norms that impact the economic empowerment of women and young people in rural communities in the Solomon Islands. The study will provide an opportunity for three communities in Guadalcanal, Malaita and Western provinces to contribute their experiences and insights as well as provide recommendations for inclusive and gender-just economic development initiatives, especially in the cocoa, coconut and tourism sectors.

    Supporting value-adding processes in the cocoa sector, Strongim Bisnis brought together international chefs women and young people, together with the Honiara Market Vendors Association, Youth@Work and JJD women’s association. Training focused on new skills to develop new lines of chocolate products or new commercial activities in the cocoa sector.

    Strongim Bisnis has worked with the Bethesda Rural Training Center for people with disabilities at the 2018 SolChoc Fair. Women with disabilities were engaged to produce dolls, and Bethesda further raised awareness around their work with people with disabilities.

    Strongim Bisnis supported the Ministry of Women, Youths, Children and Family Affairs in International Women’s Day 2018, including a panel panel discussion.

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