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Our Tourism Program


Tourism is underdeveloped in Solomon Islands but it has good potential to create jobs and support new business to service visitors. Strongim Bisnis is working to increase visitor numbers and investment in new and improved tourism products and services for leisure tourists. We’re working with the private sector and government agencies to improve the tourism enabling environment.

Our work will support women to access finance, training, formal jobs and leadership positions in the tourism sector, resulting in a more inclusive and sustainable industry.

  • Improve the development and availability of tourism market research and intelligence.

    Improve marketing and promotion of Solomon Islands as a tourism destination, particularly online.

    Improve the quality and quantity of travel planning information on Solomon Islands.

    Improve the capacity for development of demand-driven sustainable inclusive tourism products and services.

    Promote more positive gender roles, conducive to women’s empowerment and mitigating the risk of gender-based violence.

    Improve coordination and collaboration within the sector.

    Improve the social and environmental sustainability of the tourism sector.

  • Strongim Bisnis is working in partnership with Tourism Solomons to increase awareness of Solomon Islands as a destination to holidaymakers in key markets such as Australia and New Zealand. The partnership will increase digital marketing and promotion of Solomon Islands as a holiday destination, increase market intelligence for businesses and investors.

    Western Province Tourism Association (WPTA) and Strongim Bisnis are partnering to develop a tourist trail experience which will link a number of natural and cultural-based attractions, as well as deliver training to tour operators. The partnership is an investment in Western Province businesses ahead of the opening of the Munda International Airport in late-2018.

    Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises and Strongim Bisnis are partnering to boost cruise tourism in three provinces and provide opportunities for small enterprises along the route. Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises has developed a high-end cruise experience, which will address a gap in the market for family travelers and holidaymakers. Strongim Bisnis will support marketing and promotion of the new tourism package over the next year.

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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