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About Our Programs

Strongim Bisnis has observed the key Solomon Island markets of tourism, cocoa and coconut and developed programs to both tackle core problems it found and support the opportunities that presented themselves. While working in these markets, Strongim Bisnis has identified challenges in cross-cutting sectors such as business finance, ecommerce and banking products, research services and transportation. Our business advisors are looking at ways to get more young people and women involved in its target sectors and other parts of economy.

Business Enabling Environment

Improving access to market information, access to finance, sector coordination/collaboration, access to relevant equipment/tools, and gender norms. Learn more


Increasing exports and domestic production of value-added cocoa products that result in increased incomes and jobs. Learn more...


Strengthening growth of the coconut industry through marketing and diversification of the product range of existing producers, bringing sustainability and resilience to businesses. Learn more...


Improving demand-driven, sustainable tourism for leisure tourists, resulting in improved profitability for businesses and employment opportunities for communities. Learn more...

Women's Economic Empowerment

Increasing gender equity and opportunities for women to access and take of advantage of resources to create and obtain jobs and move into senior roles throughout the market. Learn more...

Youth & Disability Inclusion

Addressing the vulnerability of unemployed young women and men and the barriers for youth to be included in the economy – especially those who live with disabilities. Learn more...

Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government Initiative

Strongim Bisnis is implemented by Adam Smith International


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